Thursday, August 23, 2007

The...(gasp!)...BUS! AAAIIIEEEEE!!!!

Okay. I only sort of feel that way. A little bit of a lot, as Pete would say. I think Pete is too little to ride the bus, but at the same time I think she is big enough, but also she's not. But she's going to. When I talked to the assistant principal at Pete's school last week - she handles all the bus stuff - she commented that she had children, PreK children even, who were getting on the bus more than two hours before school starts!! That's more than two hours on the bus because they don't pick them up that early and take them right to school!!! And some of them are 4 years old!!!! Poor kids! I told Pete that we would still look into letting her ride the bus because she's wanted to ride a school bus since she was a toddler and first noticed those big yellow cars on her way to preschool. The one year we sent her to a real private school she was very disappointed that they didn't even have an activity bus for field trips (I was a little surprised by that too, actually, considering how much it cost to go there), and when we went on her offsite meeting last year, we took an activity bus and she loved it. So I asked the AP to look into a bus stop for us, and I told her that if the bus came for Pete more than an hour before school started we weren't interested. And here's what she found out: the bus will pick Pete up 6 minutes before we would normally leave for her school in the morning and drop her off 4 minutes later than we would normally get home in the afternoon. We can't pass that up. But she's so little. But she's sooooooo excited. We can always change our minds. Right?

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