Monday, August 27, 2007

We Have a Winner!

You know those claw games with the toys inside that are next to impossible to win? Well, we were at the mall this past weekend and there was one that was CRAMMED FULL of Care Bears, and Pete wanted to try. I totally thought I could win it so we asked Husbandguy for 50¢ because he was the one with pockets with change in them (his choice), and I told Pete she could play one time and that was all. Then I helped her position the claw over this one yellow bear that looked like it might be pick-up-able, and I told her to push the button. And SHE WON!! That thing, small and cheaply made as it is, is totally worth 50¢! Especially when you add in Pete's excitement about actually winning the game. Totally worth it.

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