Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Not "ticks," "tics." "Ticks" are creepy and gross. "Tics" are worrisome. My Pete has one, a vocal one, and every year about this time it shows up. We think it's the pending change to her daily routine, what with summer ending. Last year it was a little hum that would escape her while listening to a story or watching TV or something. This year it's throat clearing, constant and persistent throat clearing. I've looked it up in the past and again this year and the advice "they" give is that it's normal and that most kids outgrow it and that you'll just make it worse if you try to stifle it or call attention to it. And I wouldn't try to stifle it because... well... how? But I can't help asking if she's okay when she's always clearing her throat and that calls attention to it. And she just says, "I can't help it!" And I just want to snuggle her and take her stress away. She's five! Poor kid. Stupid kindergarten! Stop threatening my kid!

So you know, I don't really think kindergarten is stupid and I am super proud of my little early reader who's going to be a real force to be reckoned with in class this year what with her plethora of previous Montessori experience and finally being one of the big kids in the "classroom community."

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