Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Stood Up

Husbandguy and I used to get stood up all the time by our couple-friends. There was one couple in particular who were really good at it (bad about it?). We would make plans to go to dinner or something with them and they would pretty much always cancel. And they always gave some lame excuse like their babysitter was having mouth surgery and couldn't make it (for real! that was one of their excuses!). But it hadn't happened in a long time. Possibly because we aren't friends with those people anymore and also because most of the stuff we do now is with Pete and Pete's friends and their families, which is different.

But this past Sunday, we got stood up again. And this time was the best of all, I think. We made plans to meet some friends of ours and their kids at that nice restaurant I told you about, and they showed up early and put their name on the wait list and waited for a table with us and got seated with us and ordered drinks with us and then went home. They didn't order dinner or even finish their drinks. They had a good excuse - the mom's expecting and wasn't feeling 100% - but DH and I kind of got a kick out of it because that was honestly the most elaborate way we have ever been stood up! And the nicest, in a way, because it's hard to have your feelings hurt when someone waits 45 minutes with you and gets you a table at a busy restaurant before leaving, I think.

We had a nice dinner, though, because we're old pros at the being-stood-up thing and it just doesn't bother us anymore, really (which still doesn't make it okay if it's like those other people used to do). But I still want to have dinner with those people. Pete was disappointed because their oldest son is Pete's "little brother who doesn't live with [her]" and she hadn't seen him in forever and she's not used to being stood up... yet... Stick with us, kid!


Doctor Rick said...

Stand up comedy is good; being stood up is bad. I'd say lose the so-called friends who stood you up. Life's too short to mess with people who don't return joy.

I once lived in a neighborhood where you didn't fit in unless you were a pool homey: wives lay in the sun and chattered endlessly, while hubbies worked their day jobs or stayed at home to trim greenery, paint, remodel, watch football, or whatever.

We didn't fit in. I remember cars piling onto a neighbor's driveway, but not being invited to the shindig. And our neighbor disliked the gangly sucker sprouts on our trees and unruly bushes. I caught him doing a drive-by clipping once while he was on his garden tractor. He made a quick,furtive glance to insure he wasn't being seen, but I did see him.

Mommy's Nintendo said...

Ooooh! Did he finish your pruning? I wish our neighbors would do our yardwork!

Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Guess what?! When we got home from Ohio last night, it was too late to see. This morning? We noticed that someone laid down sod in our yard! Not the whole yard, just the spotty parts. It HAD to be our landscape neighbor, don't you think?

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