Thursday, August 30, 2007

More About the Bus

Okay. Pete came home on the bus yesterday. They were 20 minutes later than they were supposed to be, but I wasn't surprised. I had spent the afternoon watching the clock so I could be at the end of the driveway when she got here, and Lulu and I actually went out early so we were out in the heat for a really long time. But eventually the bus came. And Pete got off. And ran across the street (I need to talk to her about walking feet...). I said, "Yay! You're home." And she said, "They said I was going to have to be taked* back to school."


Apparently the driver couldn't find our house. Pete said, "We were even already in my neighborhood!" It sounded like they had even turned into the neighborhood onto our street. Thank goodness they had to drive by here to get out.

Anyway, she's home and today the driver knows where to stop. And she's supposed to get picked up this morning too...

*Yes. She said "taked."

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