Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm a Chicken

Being a PTA committee chair is a lot like having a real job, except, again, it doesn't pay $. It's almost like the things I didn't like about real jobs, too. There are meetings, for one, where you're expected to know stuff you've never even thought about before. Also, other people have "great ideas" and then suddenly it's your job to implement them. Except all they give you is the idea and you have to find your own resources. And then if the idea turns out to be a bad one, everyone looks at you because you're the one working on it, but if the idea is good, everyone says, "Look what we did!" and maybe you get a, "She did a lot of the work," and maybe not. Now I'm really wishing I had taken a year to be on a committee, rather than heading one up.

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