Monday, August 13, 2007

How Does It Work?

When you say, "I didn't even [something], let alone [something else]!" which thing comes first, the greater one or the lesser one? Like would I say, "I wasn't in the PTA last year, let alone on a committee!" or would I say, "I wasn't on a committee last year, let alone in the PTA!" How does that work?


the grandpa etc. who is also an editor said...

Since the one (not joining the PTA) excludes the other (being on a committee)I wouldn't use the even/let alone expression. In general, though, the lesser item would come first since even implies that it's the very least or very basic, and the greater would follow let alone.

Anonymous said...

I may or may not be agreeing with the grandpa (not sure) but I think that the PTA would come before the committee. You couldn't be on a committee (in the PTA) withough being IN the PTA in the first place. Nor could you be on a committee at all, without having an organization/task that required one to be formed. Moomsie

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