Friday, August 24, 2007

The Ants

You know those ants in my kitchen? They're outside too. All over the place. Yesterday morning, there was a bee stuck in a spider web across our front porch (it was one of those big spiders that builds a web for the night and cleans it up in the morning - it was back in the same place last night so I couldn't help Husbandguy take out the trash because it might crawl on me and really, we shouldn't knock down its web unless we have to because it's not hurting anyone [those reasons in that order]). Anyway, the spider had caught a bee in its web and when it packed up and moved wherever it went for the daytime, it left the bee behind in a little bee-carcass heap on the porch. And when I went out to feed the cat those awful little ants were swarming all over it. Gross! I HATE those ants. Pete would say that I just said a bad word, but I really do HATE them.

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