Thursday, August 9, 2007

The PTA Needs Chairpeople

The wife of the president of the PTA is a friend of mine. She's Berry's mom, Beryl. She's trying to talk me into taking on a PTA committee chairpersonship. There are several available, but the one she's pushing for is the Family Involvement committee. This is what that committee does:

Family Involvement
  1. Run the annual PTA Membership Drive
  2. Assist with tours/open houses during the CMS lottery process
  3. Create & plan opportunities for school families to interact socially
  4. Support parent education efforts

And here's the thing. I think I really want to do it. I might be good at it. But here's the other thing. I don't have any experience or resources. At all. Last year I wasn't even part of the PTA. I went to one meeting - the one when the primary classes did their music show (it was Super Cute). I have a couple of ideas and stuff for cool socials and whatnot. So I know I'd like to be part of the committee. But the chair? Really? I'd have to deal with a budget. Talk to people I don't know. What if I suck at it?

But honestly this is one of the reasons I left Big Bank Land - to do stuff like this. And if I don't do it... well... I think I have to. Don't I?

Maybe I'll get a school nametag with my photo on it like all the other cool parents.

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