Monday, August 13, 2007

The Phone Just Rang

Just now I was feeding the cat and the phone rang and I ran to answer it because I've been waiting to talk to my doctor since Friday afternoon and when I picked it up, there was a pause and then a recorded voice said, "Are you in a wheelchair?"

Apparently the Do Not Call list doesn't cover phone calls where a recorded voice asks you invasive questions.

Because maybe they're not really calling you? You know, since it's a recording? That way, "they" can have an alibi, like, "It wasn't me! I was eating breakfast at the [discount store] snack bar. At least 9 people saw me there. I think there's probably a security camera."

If I hadn't been waiting for a phone call (you may get a post on this topic too, by the way), I might have listened to the whole phone call so I could report "them" to that agency that regulates the whole Do Not Call thing (I don't remember which one it is, but it's easy enough to look up and doesn't matter now anyway). I might have...

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