Friday, August 31, 2007

Attn: Mr. Bus Driver

How come you get to decide whether my kid needs transportation to school? Do you really think anyone believes you when you say you really are driving the route you're supposed to? What? Does the bus go into stealth mode when you pass our stop? And if it does, couldn't you at least honk to let us know you're there? You know what really pissed me off? It was the fact that you were at the school when we arrived to drop Pete off this morning. If you hadn't been there yet, I would wonder if maybe we just hadn't waited long enough, but clearly, if you had come by our stop, it would have had to have been before we piled into the car and made the trek ourselves. You know what else pissed me off? I was stuck behind you leaving the school. And when we got to that really long light at the end of the street, I actually thought about whether I would have enough time to get out and confront you. I had thought about it at the school too. Lucky for you, I had Lulu in the car. And I hadn't had any breakfast and knew my words would have more impact if I didn't look crazy.

You think you're safe because of the driver shortage, right? Well, you're probably right, but think about this. Today the school called your supervisor. Next week, if you still don't stop for my kid, I'm going to start calling your supervisor too, and I'm thinking I may not mention it to the school so the guy is actually getting two calls about your... slackness. And I might even call your supervisor's supervisor.

It's not up to you which kids you pick up. If you can't find us, ask someone! Pete, really the smartest kid I know, suggested that you talk to the lady who drives the route in the afternoon. She knows where our stop is.

Get a clue, buddy.

Pete's Mom

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