Monday, May 7, 2007

Off-Site Meeting (part 2)

Boss 1's daytime office had their off-site meeting last Friday. It was an educational team-building sort of thing. The whole thing was outdoors, and it was chilly (it was 90ยบ two days before!) and misting, but it held off really raining until it was time to leave.

I was with a little group that included Boss 1 and some of her daytime co-workers. On the bus ride there, you could tell everyone was psyched to be out of the office for the day. When we got there, we started by having lunch first, which I think was a good idea because then we didn't have to worry about stopping to eat. The facility had the whole day planned out for us. When they were listing all the things we had to do, I didn't think it sounded like we had quite enough time. We were supposed to be back at the office by 2:00 because Boss 1 and her co-workers had an afternoon appointment, but they wound up missing that. Nobody seemed to really mind.

We had a good time, though. There were several agricultural exhibits that included planting and care of livestock (of all things!). And we took a tour of the facility. Then we were helping with harvesting when it started to really rain and we had to run back to the buses.

The bus ride home was less chaotic than the ride there, and it still seemed to take forever. I'm glad I wasn't driving! When we got back, Boss 1 cut out early and came back to the office with me. Boss 2 had had a temp helping her, and it looked like they'd had a quiet day so that was nice.

Off-site meetings are sure exhausting! But the change of pace was nice.

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