Thursday, August 9, 2007

Almost Perfect

Okay. We went and looked at the preschool we're thinking about sending Lulu to this fall. The tour we got today from the teacher from the 4 year-old room was minimal. But it was sufficient for us to decide that we will probably be sending our Lulu there this fall. Lulu was comfortable there. She even said a couple of words, which she usually won't do around strangers. Her classroom is small but it sounds like there would only be 8 kids in there with 2 teachers so it wouldn't be crowded, I don't think. We'd have to pack her lunch, but then I'd know what she is eating so I don't mind that. Except I need to know if they provide milk or if I'll have to pay extra at the grocery store and get those little cartons of organic milk that don't need to be refrigerated. They had two Bye-Bye Buggies. Lulu will enjoy that. There's a "music teacher." That's cool. Pete's preschool, which cost more than twice as much as this one, didn't have a music teacher (or anything extra, really). The only flag for me, and it's not even a red flag, maybe a yellow one, is that they also have a bible story teacher. Why that's an issue is a topic for another blog, though (not just another post, but a whole other blog). Husbandguy and I talked about it, and we don't think it's a problem. She doesn't have to go there next year.

It's almost exactly what we were looking for. It's a half-day program (all of it - there's no full-day care at all). It looks like a very personal environment. And there's more structure than at home; they have circle time, even in the toddler classroom. And Lulu will learn to be with other people without me (which will probably be harder on me than on her!) and make friends.

I want to meet the director and Lulu's teacher. I'd like to see the classroom when it's put in order (they had been painting so it was all moved around, apparently). I still have a few questions that they couldn't answer today but said the director would. So far so good.

We're going to go again on Monday when the director is back...

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