Saturday, August 25, 2007

More About the Tic

Because this bothered me, I need to write about it.

Recently someone pointed out Pete's tic to her. No big deal. Husbandguy and I have done it. But the thing was the way they did it. Like she was making the noise on purpose to bother that person. The poor kid can't help it! I know it's disturbing to listen to. I live with it. But there are gentler ways to ask a 5 year-old why she keeps making a noise. Including asking her mom about it first! Or at least saying, "Are you okay? Because you keep making a noise." That would have given Pete's mom or even Pete a chance to explain without making Pete too uncomfortable. She actually looked kind of embarrassed as she explained that it just feels like she needs to clear her throat. Pete's mom took care of explaining that she can't help it and that it's a vocal tic that's she has had for several years and that calling attention to it can actually make it worse. I think Pete is looking forward to it going away like it always does.

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