Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Finally! Some Action!

Jeez! What's a girl got to do to get some steroids around here?!

I called on Friday morning and my doctor did have a prescription called in for the kind I know we've talked, more than once, about being difficult for me to take because of their size and horrible taste - one or the other I can handle, but both together are too much. But that apparently isn't in my chart. Why would it be? It can't be important. Right? But so okay. I decided I could handle it this one time and remember to mention it when I have to call next time. But then the pharmacy called to say they didn't have enough in stock to fill the whole prescription, but they would fill part of it and I could pick the rest up on Monday. Again, I've had trouble with this sort of thing in the past, but I reluctantly agreed to it because the frequent vertigo and cold prickly patches on my legs said to just go ahead. So everything was settled. Husbandguy agreed to stop on his way home from work and pick them up. Thank you, DH. Then the pharmacy called again and said that, since they don't make a generic for the prescription my doctor wrote at the dose he wrote, it was going to cost me almost $300 to pick it up. They make a generic, but the dose is 1/16th the dose that was written, which would have required me to take more than 200 pills every morning to reach the more than 900mg my prescription required. I wished then that I had just asked for the IV! So I called DH and told him to just come home instead of stopping at the pharmacy. Then I called my doctor's office and left my phone number on a pager because they close at noon on Friday and don't have an answering service or any way to leave a real message. Then I waited. I kind of put it to the back of my mind because VW and Ginger were here for Ginger's piano lesson, and I was busy. But I remembered when DH got home from work. Then I wished that I had just waited to make the first phone call to my doctor on Monday. It would have been less stressful for me to make the decision to put it off myself instead of having it forced on me. 'Cause it sucks not to be in control of something about this stupid disease. After a crappy weekend, which was easier once I decided to just give up and not let the whole fiasco upset me the whole time, I called again first thing on Monday. I didn't hear anything back on Monday at all, which really messed up my Monday evening because again: No Control Over the Situation. They finally straightened it on out Tuesday and called me like I hadn't been waiting and made comments about how I hadn't started the therapy over the weekend, you know, like I just chose not to. I suppose in a way I did. I chose not to pay $300 for something my doctor doesn't know.

Anyway, it's straightened out for now. And when I get back from dropping Pete off at her Nana's house, I'm going to look into switching doctors, try to find someone who specializes in my disease, not just the field of medicine into which my disease falls.

I've wondered this before: If MS is an autoimmune disease, why aren't immunologists involved in treating it? Isn't calling it a neurological disease really mostly just addressing the symptoms? The symptoms are caused by my immune system. What do neurologists know about the immune system?

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