Saturday, July 28, 2007

Who Knew?!

Husbandguy got a nice gift card to an upscale, expensive restaurant as a bonus from his boss because he did stuff right (he usually does at work). We've had it for months, and we finally used it today (it's saturday). We took the girls with us because... why not?! They're both good kids and deserve fancy food too. Plus we needed to take them to the mall to get shoes for when school starts and it gets too cold for sandals. Anyway, I got the filet mignon because I haven't had one in a really long time. It was overcooked but very tasty. I got some pasta to go with it to share with Lulu, which she ate and did enjoy, but what she liked best of all was the filet! Who knew?! She liked it so much that she started pushing her pasta off her plate when she ran out of steak. Silly kid!

Then, because Pete was so good all afternoon and especially at dinner when she shared her food with her sister too, I snuck her away from DH on the way to the car and bought her a Hannah Montana wig. She loves it and she looks great in it and we put it on her as soon as we paid for it and she wore it out of the mall and lots of people smiled and commented and enjoyed it almost as much as we did. It was cool.

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