Thursday, September 27, 2007

Finally! A Real Lesson!

So, in the past month, Pete has had three new swimming teachers. The first was because school started and she couldn't keep going at 10:00 on Monday morning. The second was because the first new teacher hurt her ankle and had to give up all her classes. Apparently when they give a child a new teacher they don't bother to tell the teacher what that child already knows because those two teachers had Pete swimming at a level she passed mid-summer. I encouraged Pete to speak up for herself, and she did once, telling new teacher #2 that she didn't need help floating on her back, but it didn't make a difference.

Last night, though, Pete started with another new teacher. It was our choice to switch again because we were having trouble getting to her class on time. And I am SOOOOO glad we did. Her newest teacher had been at Family Swim Night last Friday and had seen Pete swimming and had been very impressed and apparently remembered. Husbandguy, who took Pete to her lesson, said the teacher had Pete and her classmate swimming pretty much the whole width of the pool, which she had been doing during the summer but hadn't been challenged to do in a month. And DH said she did "awesome." That's really what he said. And Pete seemed very proud of herself.

Hooray for the new teacher! Hooray for Pete! Now we're finally getting Nana and PopPop's money's-worth again.

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