Monday, September 10, 2007

It Was Husbandguy's Fault Today

I was doing good on time. I was goofing off all morning, but when husbandguy, who stayed home today because I got sick during the night (long gross story - I'm not sharing) even though I'm fine now and he didn't have to... anyway, when he got up from the TV to make himself some lunch, I noticed that it was noon and made myself some lunch too. I sat down with him and watched a little TV and next thing I knew: IT WAS TIME TO BE AT LULU'S SCHOOL FOR PICK-UP! What's wrong with me?! I did it again (see here and here)! She's only been to school three days, and EVERY DAY she's gone, I've almost forgotten her! Well, not really. I couldn't really forget her, but you'd think I'd be watching the clock until it was time to get her, and clearly I'm not! Fortunately I haven't been the last parent to pick up their kid yet. I'm going to have to set an alarm, I think!

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