Friday, September 7, 2007

My Meeting

When I worked in Big Bank Land, I didn't like meetings because... well, do you like meetings? Really? This morning, though, I had a meeting (that I scheduled) with the principal to talk about the upcoming year and what we wanted to do and everything. I was nervous. Because I am always nervous in new situations. And because she is The Principal, you know. THE Principal. And now it's over, and I am not nervous anymore because it went great! But I have a ton of things to do. But we agreed that one of the things I was trying to do would be too much for this year and it has been tabled in favor of several smaller things. I'm so excited.

Another thing about Big Bank Land: The work that I was most proud of and that I really enjoyed doing was the stuff that was outside of my job description, you know, special projects. Like creating things and planning things and stuff. I realized in the car on the way home from my meeting that this PTA thing that I've taken on and that has been worrying me a little more than it should be, I think, is full of those types of things. Today I have to create a form and a parent survey and plan the first morning coffee and investigate spaghetti dinners. Just imagine what they'll say when those things are finished and are wonderful! "[Mommy's Nintendo] did that! Good job, [Mommy's Nintendo]!"

And then that part of me that signs me up for stuff that other part of me doesn't think I can handle can say, "Ppbblllttt!" to the other part and I can do something even more wonderful for the next time.

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