Monday, September 10, 2007

Beautiful Girls

So we went out to dinner this weekend, and a lady stopped to say how beautiful Lulu is. This happens a lot (people don't usually notice Pete at first when Lulu is there, but they always say how beautiful BOTH our girls are when they do notice her - when Lulu's not there, Pete gets the attention so we know they're not just saying that - plus, I know it's true and tell her all the time, too). The lady started talking to Lulu, who was eating macaroni and cheese, and Lulu was pleasant and smiled... Until the lady asked if she could share her mac & cheese. Poor Lulu! She sooooo did not want to share it. But I think she thought she might be supposed to. She sat Really Still with her Eyes All Big, looking worried. It looked like she was hoping that by being still, the lady might not be able to see her anymore and would stop asking for her food. After a minute, her dad and I let her off the hook by saying, "It's okay. You don't have to share." She looked relieved and shoved a handful in her mouth and the lady laughed and said something nice so Lulu would know it was okay and then said goodbye. It was really cute.

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