Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pete Says:

The day of Pete's second birthday party, Pete's mom had to step over Pete, and when Pete's mom tried to step over Pete, Pete's mom's foot slipped on a slippery rug and Pete's mom fell on Pete! Sat on Pete's head! Of course Pete cried, and Pete's mom cried. In fact, Pete's mom was inconsolable. It was terrible. Pete wasn't hurt, just scared. Pete's mom wrenched her back and shoulder trying not to fall on Pete, but mostly Pete's mom was crying because she had fallen on Pete! Pete's dad calmed Pete and then took Pete to the potty. While Pete was sitting on the potty and Pete's mom was still sobbing, Pete's mom heard Pete say, "Mommy bonked my head!" which made Pete's mom cry harder. Pete's dad suggested to Pete that maybe Pete could help Pete's mom feel better and sent Pete's mom into the bathroom where Pete was still sitting on the potty. Pete looked worriedly at Pete's mom who was still sobbing. And Pete's little face showed how concerned Pete was. And then Pete had a thought about how to fix it. And Pete said, "You... You want to bonk Daddy's head?" And Pete's mom learned that it's difficult to cry when you're laughing.


Princess Sparkle Pants said...

This story is my favorite you have ever shared. Poor Pete! Poor Pete's Mom! I love her problem solving, and I love "bonk" as a verb.

Mommy's Nintendo said...

That's cool. It's one of my favorite Pete stories ever too. Her little worried face was so cute while she worked out what to do about Mommy crying.

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