Monday, September 17, 2007

Don't Buy Tickets from Ticket Brokers!

We need to put ticket brokers out of business so that regular people can get Hannah Montana concert tickets at box office prices. If we don't buy our tickets from those jerks who buy up all the tickets just so they can resell them, then they'll be out all that money and have to go out of business* and won't be able to disappoint little girls. I was online with Ticketmaster at noon on Saturday because that was when tickets were supposed to go on sale, and and there wasn't even a single seat available. A quick web search came up with message boards full of posts from other parents who had the same experience in other cities. Another quick search came up with those missing concert tickets on sites like eBay and other places for 2x to 60x the original price. Sorry Pete, I can't pay $4000 for you to go see a 14 year-old (13 year-old?) in concert. We'll wait for the DVD.

*This is very similar to my plan to get rid of telemarketers...

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