Friday, September 7, 2007

I Did It Again!

I got busy with my stuff and I almost was late picking Lulu up AGAIN! I was sending out my PTA survey for review (a thing I'm not sure I have to do but am doing anyway because I'm not used to having autonomy, aside from at home, and even then not really because - who're the bosses, really?), and when I first checked the clock, I had 20 minutes, but when I looked again, it was Time to Be There! Oops! It looked like I was still one of the first parents there, though.

And when I got there she was wandering around looking content. And when I called her name, I think she heard me but not really and definitely didn't see me and she started to cry and went to her teacher! Yay! She's comfortable there! Then she saw me and bypassed the Teacher Comfort. Again: Yay! She still loves me best! Of course. I wasn't really worried about that. But what mom doesn't like to have it confirmed from time to time?

Lovey Lulu! I like her a lot.

1 comment:

Courtney said...

It's always nice to get that little bit of reassurance!

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