Friday, September 14, 2007

This & That

This morning, my Lulu actually asked to go to school. We were waiting for it to be time to leave, and after we finished reading Time to Pee! by Mo Willems (she picked the book - "PEE! PEE!" she said), she went and got her dog and marched over to the front door and started banging on it saying, "Cool! Cool!" She was ready. I told her it was too early and that if we went then we'd have to go through the drop off line, except I called it "car pool" because that's what Pete's OLD school called it and it's stuck with us. Then she started asking to go to the pool... Of course, when we got to her classroom (we weren't the only ones walking in today - there was one other family), she wailed, "MaaMaaaa!" in that heartbreaking way that makes you want to snatch her back from the teacher and take her to the park and out to lunch and rock her afterward while she takes her nap. But I was strong. I went grocery shopping instead. The whole time I was shopping, I had the echo of her pitiful cry ("MaaMaaa!") ringing in my heart.


Want to hear something I found creepy? And cool in a way. On the way home from the grocery store, I saw a big black bird sitting on someone's chimney. I slowed down to look (it's okay - I was in our neighborhood and there wasn't anyone else driving right then) because I thought it might be a falcon or a hawk or something. It was too big to be a crow. Guess what it was! It was a VULTURE! Seriously! For real! It was creepy, with the weather being all grey and gloomy today and there not being anyone else around. Ooooo! Imagine, if my life had a soundtrack, what the music would have sounded like right then!


Husbandguy actually wrote an ampersand the other day. You know "&." Not a plus or that funny E thing with a line through it or the word "and." He wrote "&".

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