Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm Thinking About It...

This morning, one of Lulu's teachers was among the people taking kids out of the cars in the drop off line. I walked Lulu in as usual and it was a repeat of Wednesday; she was mostly okay with being left with her other teacher and all the other toddlers. All I do now is hand her over the gate to a teacher and kiss her goodbye.

On the way out, I stopped and talked to her teacher outside who told me that one or the other of them (her teachers) would always be out there helping, that they just hadn't been doing it yet with everyone being so new and everything. So it is possible that if I go through the drop off line, one of her teachers will get her out of the car. It is also possible that her teacher will be escorting some other kid into the building and someone who is a stranger to me and to Lulu would be getting her out of the car...

Remember? I said I'm not going to do it yet? Yeah. Me too. So I'm thinking about it. But also not really. She's too little to be old enough!

Here's a problem, though. If I drop her off in the car line and then if I pick her up in the afternoon line when they start that later in the year, I'll never get to talk to her teachers, really, and I think it's important that Lulu's mom have a face and not just be a car and that Lulu sees me interacting with her teachers too.

Yeah, preschool is Lulu's space and she needs to learn to be independent and everything, but she's not even two!

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Princess Sparkle Pants said...

I agree, still. We waddle in every morning and I get to personally settle PH into the day. I like it that way. I tell Miss Loserlady that he did or did not sleep well, when I think he should have a nap, etc. When I pick him up, I get to find out how his day went, what he ate, who he kissed (he does this a lot), etc. I like it that way.

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