Monday, September 17, 2007


Someone recently forwarded me an email. It was all about a campaign to get people to have a contact in their cell phones labeled "I.C.E." (In Case of Emergency). Here are my thoughts on that:

1. It is a REALLY good idea to have your emergency contact clearly labeled in your cell phone (and written down in your glove box/purse/wallet/etc.),
2. but if I hadn't read that email, I wouldn't know, when looking through someone's phone for who to contact in an emergency, that "I.C.E." meant "In Case of Emergency" and might pass it by if the person didn't look like their emergency contact would be a rapper.
3. Husbandguy and I have emergency contact information in our phones. We've labeled them "Emergency Contact." Way simpler. Little question who that is, really.

I.C.E. is a good idea if we can be sure that everyone who might be helping out in an emergency has heard of it. For now, though, I'm keeping mine the way it is. And you should be sure you have your emergency contact info available to someone even if you can't give it to them yourself.


Also, we talked to Pete this weekend about what to do if she is in an emergency at home. PopPop is babysitting for us later in the week. I wanted to be sure Pete knew what to do if something happens and PopPop can't call for help. So I showed her how to call DH on my cell phone even though she doesn't know his number. She apparently already knew how. I made sure she knew our address and that "address" includes street name and house number. Then we talked about how to say "help me" in Spanish in case she had to run to the neighbors' house for help. She already knew that, too (thank you, Diego). And then we talked about what to do if there is a fire. Now she knows it's okay to break her window to get out if there's a fire (she reminded me that it's not okay normally), but only if the fire isn't in her room and after she has closed her door to keep the fire out (and her sister in if possible/necessary). I worry a little that we've given her too much to think and worry about. I think we freaked her out, but she seemed to feel better after I reminded her that her dad and I have lived here for longer than she's been alive and we've never had an emergency and I reminded her that the grown ups would do all the thinking and rescuing as long as they could. Now though, if we can't, she knows what to do.


the grandpa formerly etc said...

Just a quick observation. You said you showed Pete how to call HG on your cell phone in case of emergency. Would she have access to your cell phone if you weren't there? Can she do tghe same thing on the landline in the house?

Mommy's Nintendo said...

I plan on leaving my phone here while PopPop is sitting. DH will have his, and we'll be together so I won't need it. We also talked about when it was okay to call 911, and being in a real emergency and not being able to reach us would be one of those times. Also, we made sure she knew that she could always go to the neighbors. There are 4 or 5 families right here who would absolutely help her fi she needed it. But mostly I'll leave my phone for her whenever possible.

Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Next, you will have "Kid with a gun, call 9-1-1", and a "code word" so she knows if it is okay to go with someone who picks her up. We did those, too. They make a special phone for kids, a cell phone, I think, that only has four buttons - emergency, mom, dad, and someone else, I don't know who. Might be worth considering...

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