Friday, September 28, 2007

Death-Ray Robots from Outer Space

Tonight Pete is having her first sleepover here. She's slept over at someone else's house and had a "sleepover" with her cousin at The Grandpa's house, but we've never had a friend stay here all night. Um...

This particular friend, Ginger, is someone Pete frequently clashes with. For some reason they are very competitive with each other. Pete has a tendency to be mean when she's annoyed, which obviously hurts Ginger's feelings. And Ginger is prone to tattling on Pete, which can also be hard to deal with. So we've talked to Pete about being nice to her friend, and if Ginger feels the need to tattle, we're going to be sure we have the whole story and help the girls deal with it themselves. And we're not going to play board games. That's a good game plan, right? Plus, kids are always different when their parents aren't around.

I do want Ginger to have a good time, for sure, and also I want to get some sleep...

Wish me luck!

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