Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We Lost the Battle

Pete has been trying to grow out her bangs. It was my idea because I think she's prettier without them, and I never wanted them cut in the first place. She went along with it mostly because I'm her mom, I think. They had gotten to that awkward length where they're just in the way and you have to pull them out of your face with a headband or a barrette or a little pigtail. Pete is has a hard time leaving things like that in her hair and not playing with them. Then one morning, I told Pete to go brush her hair and get a hair bow or a headband or something to put in her hair, and she said, "[My teacher] told me I'm not allowed to wear anything in my hair anymore." !! Poor kid! Poor teacher!! So we cut them. Her teacher was relieved. I guess Pete will have bangs until she's old enough to decide to grow them out herself. But she did agree to grow out the rest of her hair so she can wear braid and pony tails and stuff.

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