Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Pete's tooth still hasn't fallen out, but we expect it to be out any day now, it's all sticking up and crooked and whatever. She doesn't even mind that we call her Snaggletooth (although it's way cuter than that implies).

Yesterday morning, Pete announced from the bathroom where she was brushing her hair, "The Bad Hair Day has finally ended." Whew! Thank goodness for that!! It looked really cute this morning, too.

It looks like the upside down tomato isn't going to happen this year. We needed Husbandguy to figure out how to hang it because a shepherd's crook pole thingy wouldn't be strong enough, but I think he's forgotten (I had!) and now it's kind of too late to plant. Our tomato in the planter is doing well, though, especially since I covered the dirt with rocks to keep the cat from pooping in it. Ew!

Still send me Tupperware, okay? HG bought those sticky traps because he didn't want to put poison in the pantry (smart guy, that HG!), but we haven't caught anything. On the other hand, we also haven't had any new poop in there since I SCRUBBED and SANITIZED everything. But still send Tupperware (it's just cool to have).

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Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Hey, guess what we are growing! Sunflowers! In tiny cups on our windowsill (they are dwarfs), from WalMart! And they grow FAST! (Beanie is also growing a cactus).

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