Saturday, May 10, 2008

Guild Audition

Hey, guess what! Pete did AWESOME at her Guild audition this morning. I could hear her playing from the hall, and you better believe I listened. She stumbled and whatever a couple of times, but she is only 6 and hasn't been playing piano for even a whole year and it was her first Guild audition. I can't wait to see her report card. Hopefully we'll get it on Tuesday at her lesson. But listen to this: one of the skills she had to demonstrate was sight-reading, and she read that piece like she'd been practicing it for months! I know because she played a piece I'd never heard before and she didn't miss a note (as far as I could tell from the hall). My kid is an amazing sight-reader. She's so cool! I asked her if she was nervous while she was in there and she said, "No," and I totally believe her even though she told me before we got there that she was scared. You've got to hear her play the piano!

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Dana said...

There's nothing like a dazzling display of talent from your child to make you feel you've contributed a prodigy to the world! Sight-reading is a gift! Way to go, Pete!

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