Wednesday, May 28, 2008

HFMD Revisited?

There's a chance that we're revisiting Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease with Lulu. She had pineapple with her dinner on Monday and woke up all night long crying. In the morning yesterday I discovered that her little tongue had sores and a blister. Pineapple has done that to me so I assumed it was from that, but she refused to eat anything from nap time on (not even ice cream!) and by bedtime she had a little temperature to go along with it (101ยบ) and was up all night last night too. Poor kid.


Princess Sparkle Pants said...

That's not fun! I would have blamed the pineapple, too- why does it do that sort of thing to us? I feel a google coming on... anyway, I hope that she feels better in no time at all.

Dana said...

Poor baby! I would assume the pineapple is at fault since I get severe stomach pain from it as well. Probably the acidity. It's too bad becaue I love pineapple! I recommend as much antacid as you can possibly give a child!

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