Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Suspicions Confirmed: She's Brilliant!

Get this, Pete got her Guild audition report card at her lesson yesterday, and she got a Superior+ rating. I'm pretty sure that's the highest rating they give. The way they grade is this: they give C's for "Special Commendation," meaning that you've done that thing particularly well and A's for things that "Need Attention" and leave a skill blank if you do what you're supposed to be able to do at your level, no more and no less. So a person would expect to get all blanks, at least, but it's a big deal to get a few C's and it's a Really Big Deal to get 23, especially when you only get 1 A! Pete hasn't even been taking lessons for a whole year yet, and she's only 6, and this was her first audition (Guild) and she chose (she chose) to do a full audition of 10 pieces. Ear training, transposing, and sight reading count at 1 piece each. She got C's for each of those, and her sight reading "was perfect!" which I suspected. She's marching around now all proud of herself, as she should be, and Husbandguy brought home McDonald's for dinner because that's what she wanted.

And I a little bit wish I did the Guild audition this year too.


the grandpa said...

Way to go, Pete!

Favorite Cousin said...

WOO HOO! Congratulations Pete!!!!! I can't wait to hear you play.

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