Friday, May 2, 2008

Mother Goose

This week at story time, since it was National Mother Goose day, our special guest storyteller was Mother Goose! Lulu was apprehensive, at first, because Mother Goose looked a lot like our regular story time lady with an enormous bonnet on and a basket with a stuffed goose in it. She seemed to be thinking, "Something's not right," my Lulu. When Mother Goose took off her bonnet because she couldn't see with it on, Lulu relaxed, though, and really started to enjoy herself. Except, here's the thing: Lulu enjoying herself at story time doesn't look like you might expect it to look. She sits perfectly still in my lap, no clapping or singing or "yay!"-ing or smiling. If I try to get her to join in, she tells me no. But afterward, she always thanks Mother Goose and gets her stamp(s) on her hand(s), and then she talks about it and about her little friend (who she doesn't speak to at story time at all) and about Mother Goose (that's what I'm calling the regular story time lady now) for the rest of the week right up until we actually get there. When Moomie took her a couple of weeks ago, she commented that she thought maybe Lulu was uncertain since she was with Moomie and not me because she just sat in Moomie's lap and didn't want to participate, but I told Moomie that was not the case. She always acts like that. Silly Lulu!

But she did have fun! You just wouldn't know it to look at her...

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