Friday, May 23, 2008

Payback. HA!

You may or not remember this. It's okay if you don't. Go ahead and read it. I'll wait...

So remember, they made me cry? It broke my big sappy heart to open that bag. But I got them back! Wednesday was our teachers' end-of-year appreciation luncheon, and we could give them gifts if we wanted to so I made them each a card with a photo of Lulu on her first day and a little poem that said:

My first day you welcomed me
And made me feel at home.
All year long you've cherished me
And taught me as I've grown.
Thank you for your gentle care
And the fun things that we did.
Thank you for my First School Year
And for helping me grow big!

and a photo that I took of Lulu last week. It was adorable. I should write greeting cards (pbbllttt!). But, HA! Both of Lulu's teachers said it made them cry. In a good way, though. See? Payback!


the grandpa said...

Nicely done.

Dana said...

Priceless! I don't think enough people show their appreciation for teachers.

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