Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lulu Update

By the time that Pete and HG left for Pete's swimming lesson last night, I was pretty concerned about Lulu because she hadn't eaten anything in about 30 hours and had only had 4 to 5 ounces of diluted apple juice so I told her that she needed to drink something or I was going to get the medicine "squirter" and feed her juice. Then I offered her a lollipop (I'm not a bad mom) and she said yes. Somehow, the threat and the lollipop convinced her to try the juice I had put in a Bojangles cup to make it more fun, and from there it was just a big wave of Feeling Better. She ate a piece of cheese. And then another piece of cheese. Then she tried some mashed potatoes, but they were too hot so she had yogurt instead. Then she tried the potatoes again, and they were okay. Then she wanted more, but I was afraid she'd get sick so I said, "Let's take a break," and she agreed. Not the healthiest dinner, but at least she was eating! She was still drooling like a champ (do champs drool?) and talking like her tongue hurt, but she was clearly feeling better. Whew!

This morning she's eating Cheerios and berry smoothie and not freaking out every time she puts something near her mouth. She still won't let me look, but I'm sure she'll have a fit about something later because she's Almost 2, and I'll just take a peek then.
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