Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yeah. I Forgave Him.

But I know it will happen again. All I want is for him to call when he's on his way out with his friends, but he'll think, just like he did this time, that he won't really be that long, and time will get away from him, like it always does, and I'll be checking the traffic cameras for his car in a wreck when the phone rings so he can almost apologize. Unfortunately for him, even though he's not in trouble, I still don't feel like he has quite gotten the message, and day 2 of my steroid treatments, which is today, is always very chatty for me so he'll probably have to hear about what his plan should be when he's going out with his friends unexpectedly all day long. He brought it on himself by not listening the many other times I've had to ask him to think about the fact that his wife is a worrier and just call, even if he doesn't think it's necessary, in the past.

Update, 6:25PM: I found out this afternoon that they actually went there for lunch and just never left. Jeez! But now I understand a little more about why he didn't call on his way. He assumed they'd have lunch and go back to work. He finally got home at 11:30.

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