Friday, May 16, 2008

Why Can't They Be More Clear?

We got a form from the school district yesterday about Pete's eligibility to ride the bus next year. I skimmed it and then handed it off to Husbandguy to confirm that we didn't need to do anything, since the info was all correct. I didn't see anywhere in there where it said so. He looked it over and I said, "Right? We don't need to do anything?" and he nodded and I said, "Shouldn't they actually say in there 'If your info is correct, you do not need to respond to this letter'? Because everyone might not be able to figure that out," and he said, "You mean like right here?" and read me a sentence from the letter that said just that and I said, "Oh. I just skimmed it. I must have missed that," and he said, "It's bold and underlined!" Well obviously I didn't read the emphasized part. That's the same as parenthesis, isn't it? They never put anything important in the bold, underlined text. Oops.
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