Friday, May 16, 2008

Talk About Being In Trouble!

Oh! That MAN! Husbandguy is SOOOOOOO in the dog house right now. If we had a dog house, he'd actually be sleeping there tonight. I am Super Angry. And it's all over something stupid. That has happened before. And that he promised would never happen again.

He went to a club, a girly club (you know), with some of the guys from work as a send off for one of them whose last day was today. That's not the part I'm mad about. I'm glad he went out with "the guys," and I honestly couldn't care less where they went (except maybe if they went to a brothel I might mind) (teehee, I said "brothel" like I'm 80 or something). What I am mad about, and remember this has happened before, more than once, HE DIDN'T BOTHER TO CALL FIRST! So the girls and I were waiting, thinking he might be home a little early like he often is on Friday and maybe we could go out for dinner since the whole medicine thing got in the way of me going grocery shopping. I tried calling his cell phone about 15 minutes after his normal get-home time, not even the early time, and when he didn't answer I made French toast for us all. US ALL (I should probably put his in the fridge). Half-an-hour went by, still no sign of him so Pete called his cell phone again and left a message. After 20 more minutes of waiting, I called his phone 4 or 5 times in a row, thinking at first that maybe he couldn't hear it and calling it more would increase the chances of that, and then thinking eventually that if he was laying somewhere and needed help, his phone ringing and ringing might increase his chances of someone finding him. All the while I watched out the front for his car... or a police car... I almost called Moomie, but what could she do, really, except worry with me? At some point I left him a message. "Hey. It's getting late. Call me when you get this. Okay?" Because I'm a worrier and will always be a worrier.

6:55. Nearly an hour and a half after his get-home time. My cell phone rings. Him: I'm at a club. Me: You're in really big trouble. Him: I'm not in that much trouble, let me explain... Me: You are too in VERY BIG TROUBLE. Him: No. I called. Me: [Doofus]* it is nearly 7:00! I don't care where you are. You should have called. Him: I did. Me: Before now! I was really worried. Doofus: No, you weren't.

What an idiot. Does he think I'm going to tell him not to go? Really? Is that why he doesn't call? Because I've told him I don't care and he seemed to understand. I've told him my only issue is not knowing where he is and he seemed to understand. Does he forget that he can't hear his phone ring in those places? What an idiot.

He promised it wouldn't happen again. Several times. He keeps promises almost as well as Pete. Now I know where she learned it.

*Not his real name.

1 comment:

Dana said...

Murder. Death. Kill.

I hate when guys think they know a) what you're gonna say and b) how you're gonna react. Don't you know me at all! We've been married over ____ years!! What an insult!

Phew. Now we remember he's just a man and that not forgiving him just makes everyone miserable.

P.S. I take it HG doesn't read this...?

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