Monday, May 5, 2008

Bad Hair Day

My 6 year-old was just miserable this morning because no matter what she did to her hair, brush it, dampen it, glare at it in the mirror, it always went back to what she described as "bed head." I thought it looked cute, if a little mussy, and I thought dampening it made a big difference. She has great hair, very thick and wavy but soft and shiny when it's clean like it is today, and most of the time it is a battle to get her to even brush it. I think she maybe brushed it one time this past weekend. She always has bed head and never seems to care. Until today. So we talked about "bad hair days" and not letting it get us down all day.

And I'm pretty sure that as soon as she got on the bus she stopped caring that her hair is a little more fluffy than she'd like for it to be today. What a terrible problem to have!

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