Monday, July 30, 2007

Yay! ¡¡Una Fiesta!!

Our neighbors' twin grandsons live with them, and Sunday they celebrated their 7th birthday, and they invited us. They invited us last year, too, but we were expecting Nana and Poppop and couldn't go. But this year, since we didn't have any plans we went. And we had a great time. I think Husbandguy was a little worried because our neighbors don't speak English and he doesn't speak any Spanish and I only know a little, but there were tons of people there and most of them spoke English. I broke out my Spanish where I was comfortable and if I messed it up, they were super nice about it and didn't let on, and DH just didn't say much of anything, but he never does, really. Right, Everybody-Who-Ever-Met-DH?

They cooked dinner, carnitas and rice & beans. It was really good. Lulu loved the arroz y frijoles. It tasted a lot like the yummy smell that wafts from their house every day around noon... And there was music; Lulu danced. Lulu also made a friend, and I learned how to say "get down" in Spanish ("¡bajate!"), and Lulu said, "hola" one time. And they had piñatas, lots and lots of piñatas. And lots! And we all got goodie bags, me, DH, Pete, and Lulu. And they gave us balls and silly string and Pete got other toys. Lulu and DH had to come home before it was over because, "La bebé quiere dormir" (I said that), but Pete and I stayed for cake (tres leches, I think) and then came home. I was really proud of Pete. She was sweet and shy, but she didn't let her shyness keep her from enjoying herself. She hit the piñatas and collected candy and laughed and played (mostly by herself and with her sister).

And the whole time it looked like it was going to storm at any second, but it never did. DH and I were commenting that we hope for rain usually in the evenings but this time we hoped it wouldn't.

Now I feel like I want to do something for them to let them know how much we appreciated being included, but I don't know what. What I do best is bake. I'm not sure what to bake, though. They're from Mexico (my evidence for this is the Mexican flag they hang on their porch). What could I bake that they would enjoy? Maybe Pete and I can make cookies. Lemon cookies. Or something...

We had a great time. Pete said "gracias" when we left. I said, "¡Muchas gracias!" and I meant it. It was muy divertida!

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Mommy's Nintendo said...

DH suggested I make a blueberry pie. We like blueberry pie. I'm considering it...

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