Thursday, July 26, 2007

The New Harry Potter Movie

Okay. I saw the first movie, and I own the second one (someone gave it to me - it's still shrink wrapped), but I really didn't think I had any interest in seeing the rest of the movies. The first one was fine, you know, it was actually less distorted than I expected it to be, but the book was way better, and I assume it is the same for all of the movies.

But the other day I realized that I would kind of like to see "The Order of the Phoenix." I'm curious about how they did all that stuff at the ministry during the battle. I'll be disappointed if they left it out, though. Maybe I should wait until it comes on PPV. That way it won't cost as much...

Also, Pete and I are reading Book 1. She seems to like it. Moomie read Chapter 3 to her yesterday.

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