Friday, July 13, 2007

Super Nice (Busy) Week

When Pete was in school, you remember, her "daytime office," the house was cleaner and a lot quieter. And it was nice in a way, but I never did anything special, except when Lulu and I went to Pete's school for something or had errands to run or met Husbandguy for lunch (which we've done more since school let out, actually). Since Pete's here all the time now, and I don't want her to be bored (because she's mean when she's bored), we do a ton of stuff all the time. This week, we did so much stuff that by Tuesday evening, it already felt like Friday, but it wasn't. I know it wasn't because Wednesday happened next. And by the end of Wednesday it felt like Friday again. It was weird! It's felt like Friday all week, really. And I feel like we spent time with a bunch of different people even though, if you don't count the nurse practitioner at my neuro's office, we only saw one extra family more than we usually do. We see VW and Ginger every week for piano lessons and we saw them as usual, and then we saw Pete's friend from school and his mom and brother and sister twice so we've had at least one thing to do outside the house or with people every day this week (unless you don't count the grocery store and the library, which we did yesterday, but I count them) and two things most days. In the old days, I would have written that we had a week full of meetings, but I don't do that anymore. Instead, we just had a Super Nice and Busy Week.

And tomorrow Pete and I are going to see a show and get virgin Pina Coladas with our dinner afterward. Girls' Night! Woo hoo!! And Husbandguy and Lulu will have some quality alone time too (which reminds me: write out "instructions" to make Husbandguy's afternoon easier...).

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Princess Sparkle Pants said...

Awww. That's so fun. I go on dates with Beanie at least once a month, if at all possible. Sometimes we "do" something, like see a movie or bowl or whatever, but usually we go to the petstore and goggle at the ferrets and then wash our hands and get Varsity and/or ice cream. I am dreading the day he gets too old to want to date me. I hope you guys have an awesome day out!

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