Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Stupid Computer

So the only reason I am able to post for you now is because I switched my busted C drive with our beat up D drive (although the former C drive is now the E drive - but whatever) and loaded XP on it and now the computer boots up...really slowly...because the new-C-drive-formerly-D is a piece of junk, which is why we got the other hard drive in the first place. Then I developed a terrible pain in my left shoulder, like when Pete was teeny tiny and refused to nurse and we lived in a big stress bubble, because our firewall and AV software are out-of-date on the NCDFD and they were being problematic about getting up-to-date and also because the old-C-drive-now-E appears to not have any data on it, like all my pictures of Lulu and Pete and vacation are just GONE. I know they're there though - they have to be. Hopefully one of our NH temps, who knows a lot about this stuff, will have some magic that will be able to get some of it back and he'll be willing to help (not sure why he wouldn't be - I'd help him). If he doesn't, Husbandguy and Poppop might try, and even though I asked DH to take this stress away and handle it for me, I know WAY more about computers than they do (put together - and that's not saying much), and I doubt I'd actually be able to let them handle it without standing behind them tsking and tapping my foot. Oh HELP!

I still have the pain in my shoulder, but it's not as bad as it was because I got some of our software up-to-date. Just FYI...

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