Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sour Grapes

So the other day, Pete, Lulu, and I were visiting with Nana. Pete and Lulu were hungry so I gave them each a package of captain's wafers (Nana has like 100 just sitting on her counter, asking to be eaten). When I gave Lulu hers, I said, "Take it to Nana. Nana will help you open it." Lulu looked at Nana across the room. Then she looked at me like Are you sure about that? Then she looked at Nana again. Then she threw, not dropped, threw her package of crackers on the floor. Nuh-uh! I'm not asking Nana for help! No way!


the grandpa formerly known etc. said...

I'd wager something else was going on. If she thought you were telling her to give them to Nana, I think she may have been saying to you: "If I can't have them, no one can." Or even more likely, "If you want Nana to have them, YOU give them to her."

PS What happened with the rhyming words for V and X?

Mommy's Nintendo said...

That's coming. I've got to find it. The new carpet and damaged computer have left our house in disarray (and strangely tidier in some spots...).

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