Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I Gotta Remember...

I need to remember that sometimes I should think before I answer. Just a few minutes ago, I was trying to do something for Pete when the phone started ringing and Lulu woke up from her nap and started crying right at the same time. That was too much. I made the mistake of answering the phone first. It was VW calling to remind us that we were supposed to come to their house today. Being overwhelmed, I said, "Oh! I forgot! Can you come here instead?" when what I should have said was, "Can I call you back in two minutes?" because that's what happened anyway. VW was really nice and agreed to come here even though it was easier for her for us to go there. Then, after I hung up and got Lulu up from her nap and really thought about it, I realized that it was easier for us too to go there. Then I had to call her back and change my answer. She was really nice about my flakiness, like she always is. I would have seemed less flaky if I had only recognized that there was too much going on at once for me to try to make a change in anything (I'd been thinking all morning that they were coming here today) and said, "Hang on a minute please." That happens a lot. I gotta remember to step back!

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