Friday, July 6, 2007

At A Loss

So Pete and Lulu are wandering around the house playing airport (well, Pete is playing - Lulu is just following her and apparently not cooperating because Pete keeps asking her over and over if she wants to go to Asia, to which Lulu's reply is "MOMO!" Now they're almost to Thailand). Anyway, since they're playing nicely together, I thought I'd post but the problem is that I don't have anything to really post about because the whole computer thing has come to a standstill until I hear something from someone who knows more than I do about data recovery (Husbandguy said Best Buy would put all our data on CDs for $99, but who has $99 just laying around?) and there's not much else going on really.

Oh, this was cute. Last night I made tacos for dinner and Lulu really seemed to enjoy the taco meat mixed with the beans and rice (which were missing something but we couldn't decide what). When I asked her if she liked tacos, she nodded yes and I told her to say taco and she did! Very plainly (and kind of loudly). "TA-CO!" It was cool. But you'll never believe me because when I got the camera and tried to get her to say it again, all she would do was say "kaka" and "koko" and make the cutest faces. So now I have about 20 minutes of video of my Lulu not saying "taco," and I'm trying to decide if everyone would find it as amusing as we do; is it funny enough to share?

But that's it, really. The girls are finished with their flight now. I wonder where they ended up...

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Princess Sparkle Pants said...

I like Thailand. My favorite thing there is the elephant camps. They treat the elephants with great respect and genuine admiration. And the elephants paint! The baby elephants got paint on their faces just like baby people would! So cute!

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