Friday, July 25, 2008

Even the best laid plans...

So my plan was not to get all stressy about the medicine for my MS this time. First of all, I didn't wait a week-and-a-half to call the doctor. I thought that might help me be more patient about it, you know, because, even though it still sucks and is still a stressful thing, it didn't seem as urgent as it would have if I'd waited like I did last time. I called yesterday, they called back, he ordered the referral to the home nurse, blah, blah, blah... You know, yesterday. And everything would be fine, even if the nurse called and said they couldn't come until Sunday because I hadn't waited and knew there might be a wait like last time and was prepared. Except I'm not prepared for the nurse not to call me at all. Which is seriously what appears to be happening. And the doctor's office closes at noon on Friday and everyone goes home, including the person who handles referrals so there's nothing I can expect from them before Monday. I didn't call this morning. It seemed too soon. I wish I had!

A few minutes ago I called the nursing agency that came out last time and left a message for some woman saying that my doctor was supposed to have called a nurse for me and I hadn't heard anything I didn't even know if it was them but would she call me back. I forgot to mention to her that the doctor's office is closed now. So now I'm waiting for her to call me back and if I don't hear from her by dinnertime, I'll have a meltdown when Husbandguy gets home so he can handle the parenting and then I'll try really hard to put it aside for the weekend and call the doctor on Monday and make a REALLY BIG NOISE. I might even cry and make them uncomfortable, which would totally serve them right.

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CandCFamily said...

I used to work on MS studies, so sorry that you have to go through all the additional stress of getting the home nurse set up. Hope it gets better quickly! Speedy recovery wishes!

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