Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Not an Endorsement

So I get this magazine that's basically an ad for a particular brand of food-stuff. You probably get one too. It's free. Last week, right before I was going to make my menu for the week and grocery list, it came. Now I almost wish a new one would come every week right before I make my list. Because of the 5 days that I planned meals (we leave 2 for leftovers and eating out), 3 - no 4 were inspired by the "magazine." I actually nearly followed the recipe for one meal, and Pete said it was her new favorite thing for me to cook. And it had peas in it. And it was a casserole that Husbandguy ate. One thing was just a picture I saw and doesn't require a recipe, and for the other 2 things, the recipes were pretty good guidelines, but I'm pretty sure that what I cooked was way better. But I appreciated the ideas.

For the 5th day I found a recipe online and printed it. It sounded really good and was highly rated and I had every intention of making it the way it said but that didn't happen.

If only meal planning was that easy every week!

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Princess Sparkle Pants said...

I like the Kraft "magazine", too.

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