Friday, July 4, 2008

Dog Update (do you care?)

Seeing that I apparently really want a dog, Pete and Lulu and I went to the shelter and visited with a couple. The first one, a very sweet, medium-size Terrier/Hound mix was exactly the type of dog I was expecting our family to get when we started all of this. She wasn't right for us, though, because Pete was intimidated by her, which isn't cool. I get if Lulu is a little uncertain. As long as she isn't terrified (or scared at all, really), we can moderate her contact with the dog until she's comfortable, but Pete has to be confident and able to really pet and play with the dog. So we sent her (the dog, not Pete) back to her run and the nice helper-lady went in search of another dog. After a few minutes she came back and said, "Follow me. I've found the perfect dog for your family."
Seriously? This is our dog? A foofy little fluffball? That's an old lady's dog! Lulu wasn't sure about him at first because he's just the right size to put his paws on her shoulders and kiss her face, which he did first thing. But here's the thing: by the end of our visit, both girls - BOTH girls- had played with him and petted him and loved on him. He likes to play fetch with tennis balls, which we can do indoors, which is great because we could get away with only walking him twice a day, I think. He'll fit in the kennel we bought for the other dog we didn't get so we don't have to exchange it.

On the other hand, though, he's a boy, he's almost 5 years old, and he hasn't been neutered yet (they'll do that before they let us adopt him). I really wanted a girl, under 2. But we can still change our minds if we find someone somepup better while we're waiting for him to recover from his cold so he can be neutered.

HG is going with us on Saturday to visit with him too. We'll see what he thinks...

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Dana said...

He's so adorable!

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