Thursday, July 31, 2008

How Would You Respond?

I sent a little email to some of our friends and family announcing our newest family member (you know, the dog). Most of the responses I've gotten have been positive. Things like, "Cute!" and "You tricked me - I thought you'd had another baby!" But this morning I got this:

"You must be crazy to add a dog to the mix......"

From the woman who has 3 children under 4 and a Great Dane. ?? Seriously?? Maybe it's just my steroid-crash-induced frame of mind, but I sort of felt like that was unfair of her to say. That's actually an understatement of how it made me feel.

So all I could think of to say back was, "Better a dog than another baby..." but I was wondering what you would have said if you were me.


The Grandpa said...

Was she being mean or speaking from personal, first hand experience of being crazy? I might have just asked her that.

Dana said...

I agree with The Grandpa.

Mommy's Nintendo said...

You guys are right.

Princess Sparkle Pants said...

I don't know... I'm rather passive, so I think I would get pissed, write you an email all about it, and give her the finger long-distance. But I've never been very good at handling things in a mature fashion... so their ideas are probably better.

NH Bro said...

What's wrong with being a little crazy? Who cares what she writes?

Moomie said...

I'm thinking that the woman is stressed and overwhelmed and is trying to indirectly express that, and since it not be PC for her to say it OutLoud about her own life, she is extending those feelings to you.

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